Customer reviews

Pellet production industry in Latvia

"I have been working together with Jernforsen for setting up the pellet production factory of Latgran.

Jernforsen was responsible for supply of wood biomass combustion furnace, steam generation system, as well as fuel and material handling equipment.

Support and cooperativeness have been experienced during all phases of the project, starting with general layout configuration, erection of the plant during toughest winter conditions in 2011, putting plant in operation, training of personal and final commissioning. All the faults of any kind (minor in our case) have been acknowledged and fixed in shortest possible time.

Engineers of Jernforsen still keep an eye on the major combustion processes in the furnace remotely and advice the operators if needed. They know how to get energy out of woody biomass in most efficient way!"

Ilmars Kass , project manager, SIA Latgran, Latvia

Pellet Production in Kraslava, Latvia
Start up: 2011
Capacity: 19 MW biomass and 18 MW drying
Type of plant: Pellet production
Customer: SIA Latgran

District Heating Plant in Trelleborg, Sweden

"The construction is well-thought-out and designed so that
corrective and preventative maintenance can be carried out smoothly."

At Trefab we are really pleased to have chosen Jernforsen as the supplier of our bioenergy facilities for Östervångsverket.

Jernforsen offers proven and reliable technology. The construction is well-thought-out and designed so that corrective and preventative maintenance can be carried out smoothly. In addition, the components are of high quality.

Jernforsen has, over the years, proved numerous times that they offer superior support and that their facilities are of high quality. The operation of the facilities is perspicuous with well-thought-out control systems without being "overworked".

Per-Olof Nilsson, CEO, Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme AB, Sweden

Östervångverket, Trelleborg
  Etapp 1 Etapp 2
Driftstart: 2007 2009
   - biobränsle
  - kondensering   

4 MW
1 MW

8 MW
2 MW
Typ av anläggning: Fjärrvärmeverk  
Kund: Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme AB  

Sawmill in Klevshult, Sweden

"Jernforsen has a tremendously good reputation in the sawmill industry

We invested in our first plant from Jernforsen in 1990. Our needs at that point were timber drying and heating of our premises, and we managed well with the old plant's capacity of 4 MW. After that we experienced an upturn in the sawmill industry, both because of increased demand and the storm Gudrun, so we decided to expand our business. As a result, we went for another bio energy plant from Jernforsen. Our new 6 MW plant has been in operation since 2009.

Jernforsen was the obvious choice as our old boiler has proven to be a real workhorse, which is still in use as a spare. Jernforsen has a tremendously good reputation in the sawmill industry. You get sturdy stuff that works without any hassle."

Lennart Johansson, Ture Johanssons Trävaru AB

Start up: 2009
Capacity: 6 MW
Type och plant: Sawmill
Customer: Ture Johanssons Trävaru AB

District heating plant in Älmhult, Sweden

”As one of the largest investors in the biofuel-based heating

we feel confident using Jernforsen as a supplier of fuel handling and combustion equipment for Elmeverket in Älmhult. Our experience is that Jernforsen’s construction and operation meet our high standards. It is also clear that the employees at Jernforsen are very accustomed to dealing with this type of project. Their expertise and professionalism will benefit us for many years to come.

Our regulatory requirements and their own environmental goals here in Älmhult are ambitious and it is one of the reasons that we chose Jernforsen, as well as their substantial reference list of facilities that meet the requirements from authorities and customers.

Magnus Emanuelsson, E-on

Elmeverket in Älmhult
Start up : Autumn 2010
Capacity: 12 MW
Type och plant: District heating
Customer: E-on, Sweden



District heating in Harstad, Norway

"I am particularly impressed with the furnace's ability
to function efficiently even at a very low load"

I have been involved in the construction project from the start, and the cooperation with Jernforsen has been excellent all the way. Both the planning and the building of the facility have been very effective and of high-quality. Jernforsen has been extremely responsive to changes and requests throughout the process.

The start-up of the facility went smoothly and during the three months the plant has been in operation everything has worked, as it should, without any irregularities.

I am particularly impressed with the furnace's ability to function efficiently even at very low loads. So far we have only connected a small part of our customers, so the plant has been on and under minimum load since start-up. I look forward to winter, when we have connected all the customers and can begin to utilize the plant's full capacity.

Leif-B. Pedersen, Operations Manager in Harstad, Statkraft Varme AS


Start up: 2011
Capacity: 8 MW biomass och 16 MW biogas
Type of plant: District heating
Customer: Statkraft Varme AS