Since the inception in 1984 Jernforsen has delivered plants to satisfied customers worldwide.

Below are som facts about some of our project.


Steinkjer, Norway

Start up: Autumn 2014

Capacity:  5 MW

Type of plant
District heating/process industry

Customer: InnTre AS

Sveg Timber, Blyberg, Sweden

Start up: Winter 2012/13

Capacity: 12 MW

Type of plant: Sawmill

Customer: Sveg timber

A 12 MW combustion plant from Jernforsen is part of a comprehensive industrial investment at the Sawmill, Blybergsvilan, in Sweden. With Jernforsens plant, energy is produced to run the new dryer, and the capacity of sawn timber is now 200 000 cubic metres per year.  

Before the rebuild the sawmill had a  capacity of about 90 000 cubic meters of sawn timber per year.

Latgran 3, Latvia

Start up: Autumn  2011

Capacity: 18 MW

Type of plant:  Pellet production industry

Customer:  Latgran, SIA Latvia




The pellet production plant in Kraslava is one of three plants owned by the company SIA Latgran in Latvia. The production capacity in Kraslava is 150 thousand tonnes pellets per year.  
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Vilnius, Lithuania

Start up: Autumn 2010
Capacity: 25 tonnes / h steam
Type of plant: Process industry
Customer: AB Grigiskes, Lithuania





Lithuania 2011-06-16
Biofuel boiler house officially launched in AB "Grigiškés"
AB "Grigiškés" designed and constructed a new 18 MW biofuel-fired steam boiler house. Equipment supplier was the Swedish company Järnforsen Energi System AB.
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Start up: Winter 2014/15

Capacity: 13 MW biomass, 4 MW pellet, 11 MW bio-oil, 11 MW Eo1 oil

Type of plant:  District heating

Customer: E.ON Värme Sverige AB

Lillehammer, Norway

Start up: Autumn 2013

Capacity: 4+8 MW
biomassa, 16 MW gas

Type of plant: District heating

Customer: Eidsiva Bioenergi AS


Ås, Norway

Start up: Autumn 2013

Capacity: 8 MW biomass,
                      6 + 12 MW bio-oil

Type of plant: District heating

Customer: Statkraft Varme AS


Skien, Norway

Start up:: Spring 2013

Capacity: 6+6 MW

Type of plant: District heating

Kund: Skien Fjernvarme AS


Harstad, Norge

Start up: January 2012

Capacity: 8 MW biomass och 16 MW gas

Type of plant: District heating

Customer:  Statkraft Varme AS