Jernforsen´s energy systems

 The energy systems can be divided into three categories cogeneration (CHP), district heating and industrial plants.

We have through our extensive experience developed systems to optimize the solutions to meet your needs and requirements, anything ranging from fuel qualities to the operation-specific data required in your particular system.

Regardless of what energy system you need the plant is built around the combustion equipment. At the core of the combustion is our moving grate system. The grates are controlled by a forward movement, which moves the fuel forward gradually as it burns.

At the end of the process there is a final combustion of the ash prior to being transported to the ash container. In connection with the grate movement we also add air, primary and secondary, so as to optimize the combustion before it goes into the pressure vessel. The hot gas is now ready to be transformed into the energy that best fits your process - Which depends on what process you have.